Red wines

The Primitivo and Negroamaro vines kissed by the Salento sun give us superior wines with an intense ruby red and purplish colors and a tannic and balanced structure.


Classics wines of our production are born from thirty years of cultivation of native white berried grapes with citrus, aromatic and mineral notes. A typical result of the productions of the Salento area.

Rosè wines

A controlled maceration and fermentation (in terms of temparature) allow to the Primitivo and Negroamaro's grapes the possibility to produce sapid, mineral and particularly fresh wines.

Large Formats

The maxi formats bottles permits you to enjoy all the qualities of the Salento production of red and sparkling rosé wines from Primitivo di Manduria vines


These compositions are designed for those who want to make a gift to friends or parents. The boxes are available in different formats and allow you to taste all the flavors of the products of Salento.


Extra virgin olive oil obtained from Coratina monocultivar and produced in an ancient granite mill. Balanced and lively, it enhances all the flavors and aromas of traditional cuisine.


The native Primitivo vine is perfect for the production of a white grappa which is also available after aging in special Rovere's barriques that allow its flavors to the product.


Carboys are ideal for those who want to spend time at the table in the company of a good wine. In its standard 5L format you can find all the production of white, rosé and red wines.

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