The Company

The love and dedication that Produttori di Manduria has always shown towards viticulture, enology and the territory stands us as champions of this extraordinary nectar that is Primitivo wine. The history of our cooperative is closely related to this grape variety.

The Consortium's adventure began in 1928 when a small group of "illuminati" winemakers taking over an old factory and created the "Federation of Wines", an association of producers that four years later (on 9 July 1932) will formalize the its legal form as a cooperative with the establishment of the “Consortium of Superior Red Blended Wines and Musts Producers for the Manduria area”.

The fortunes of the company are indissolubly intertwined with those of the main product of the territory, the "Primitivo di Manduria", a wine at first relegated to the low rank of wine for improvement (used to strengthen the noble French and northern Italian labels) then mistreated and humiliated during the dark years of methanol and finally resurrected when around the mid-90s it was decided to turn around by focusing on the quality and added value of the bottle. Today we have managed to circumscribe the production base and, thanks to the support of an agronomist, to better follow the work of our members by ensuring that healthy grapes are produced every year with superior organoleptic qualities.

To the patrimony of a strong tradition have been added the research projects launched by the CNR and the University of Bari, the rigorous compliance with the production disciplinary of the "Primitivo di Manduria" Doc combined with a strong attention to the environment and hygiene with Iso 9001, Iso 14001 and IFS BRC certifications.

Like any great wine, Primitivo di Manduria doc also needed to be told, experienced and celebrated with a precise and unequivocal identity and it is on this point that the Consortium has invested resources and energy making it its winning weapon. On the other hand, what bond can be considered stronger than that existing between a wine and the land it comes from? This led to the setting up (in the oldest wing and in the underground cisterns of the cellar) a rich museum of ethnographic and documentary importance regarding the millennial relationship between the people of Manduria and the art of making wine, and since 2003 to edit a magazine "Alceo Salentino" which, dealing in a varied and innovative way with issues of wine culture and territory, was able to win the favor of a large audience.